American Electroplating Company Offers Expert Chrome Plating and Metal Finishing Services for All Types of Automotive Parts. We Can Chrome Plate Automotive Parts Including Engine Parts, Bumpers, Grilles, Hood Ornaments, Door Handles and Other Parts.


We are Experienced in Providing High Quality Restoration and Show Chrome Plating on All Types of Motorcycle Parts. We Can Restore or Replate Stock and Custom Parts, Including Engine Casings, Exhaust Systems, Handlebars and Other Parts.


American Electroplating Company Provides Expert Services to the Marine Industry. We Offer Brass Plating and Polishing, Chrome Plating and Other Metal Finishing Services.

Musical Instruments

American Electroplating Company Provides Brass Plating and Polishing, Chrome Plating and Other Metal Finishing Services for Musical Instruments of All Types.


American Electroplating Company Offers Brass and Chrome Plating, Polishing and Other Metal Finishing Services for Antiques of All Types. We Can Restore and Polish Stoves, Cash Registers, Slot Machines, Barber Chairs, Plumbing Fixtures and Other Antiques.

American Electroplating Company

Welcome to American Electroplating Company!

We Specialize in Chrome Plating and Decorative Metal Finishing Services.
With Over 40 Years Experience in All Phases of Electroplating and Metal Finishing Services, We Offer:


Automotive Chrome Plating
Chrome Plating for Automotive Parts of All Types. Automobile Bumpers, Automobile Grilles and Trim Parts, Automotive Hood Ornaments and Other Parts..
We are Experienced in All Phases of Steel, Aluminum and Cast Metal Repair and Restoration Techniques.


Motorcycle Chrome Plating
Show Chrome Plating for Motorcycles. We are Experienced in Restoring and Chrome Plating Antique and Classic Motorcycle Parts, Including Motorcycle Engines, Motorcycle Cylinder Heads, Motorcycle Engine Covers, Motorcycle Exhaust Systems and Other Parts.

Marine Chrome Plating and Polishing
American Electroplating Company Offers Chrome Plating and Polishing Services for the Marine Industry. We are Experienced in Chrome Plating Marine Hardware, Marine Trim and Other Parts. Our Expert Brass Polishing Techniques are Second to None, and We Can Polish Your Brass Marine Parts to a High Gloss Finish.


Musical Insrument Chrome Plating and Polishing
We Offer Chrome Plating and Polishing Services for All Types of Musical Instruments.


Antiques and Collectibles Chrome Plating
We Have Restored Many Antiques and Collectibles, Including Slot Machines, Cash Registers, Pinball Machines, Barber Chairs and Other Antiques and Collectibles.
American Electroplating Company Has the Experience to Repair, Restore and Chrome Plate Antique Parts to a High Gloss Finish.


Electronics and Aerospace Industries
We are Equipped to Provide High Quality Plating Services to the Electronics and Aerospace Industries. We Specialize in Plating Parts that Require Strict and Professional Quality Control Methods.
Contact Us to Discuss Your Specifications and Needs.

Polishing and Metal Finishing
American Electroplating Company Provides High Quality Polishing and Metal Finishing Services to Manufacturing Facilities, Motorcycle Shops, Auto Restoration Shops and Others.

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Our Facility is Located at 355 Merrimack Street in Lawrence MA.